China Institute of Sport Science

Study on Characteristics of Maximal Muscle Forces of Different Body Parts of Chinese Adult Male Residents

Date:2016-02-24   |   【Print】 【close

author:WU Dong-ming, JIANG Chong-min, CAI Rui

  journal:China Sport Science and Technology

Objective :Based on the current situation of maximal muscle forces of different body parts of Chinese adult males ,the objective of this study was to make relevant analysis and to explore the law of the decline of maximal forces with the increase of age as well as the correla‐tion between this law and daily exercise habits .Methods :According to ACSMExercise Test and Prescription Instruction Manual ,upper limb ,lower limb ,waist and abdomen and back 1RM tests were carried out on the corresponding age groups of each unit in Beijing ,Shanghai ,Shan‐dong ,Jiangsu and Jiangxi respectively .Results :The maximal absolute forces of various parts in the general population were decreasing in different parts in the following order :lower limb muscles ,back muscles ,abdominal muscles and upper limb muscles .And this rank ordering re‐mained the same in various age groups .The relative forces of upper muscles and abdomen mus‐cles were equal to their self weights ,while the relative forces of lower muscles and abdomen muscles were about 1 .5 times of their self weights .Exercise habits has positive impacts on the maximal forces of various body parts .Conclusions :The maximal muscle forces of various body parts of Chinese male residents tend to decline with the increase of age ,and some populations with exercise habits improve their base values of maximal muscle forces of various body parts through daily physical exercises ,covering up the downtrend of physical quality with the in‐crease of age to a certain degree .Also ,the experimental data reflect that the maximum falling ranges of various body parts appear in different age groups .It is recommended to carry out tar‐geted strength trainings in different age groups and mitigate the inconvenience due to the rapid decrease of maximal force by improving the base values of maximal forces of relevant body parts .