China Institute of Sport Science

Exercise Biology Research Center

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The center mainly carries out the basic and applied researches in the fields of sports biochemistry and sports physiology, etc., with its focus on the theory and methods of athletes’ physiology and biochemistry training monitoring, theory and methods of training under special environment (including altitude/ hypoxia, high temperature and high humidity, etc.), mechanism of athletes’ weight control and ordinary people’s fat reduction and its application, theory and methods of diabetes neurodegenerative disease prevention by exercise, etc.

The center is oriented towards scientific breakthroughs and scientific and technological services. In the meantime, it is also involved into the basic and applied research. The center identifies training problems and focuses on research hot spots in helping athletes of national teams prepare for major international events like Olympics Games. On the other side, it pays attention to the main health problems of Chinese ordinary people. The center looks for the solution to crack down the training problems and health problems by the practical research, helps clarify scientific principle and mechanism through the basic theoretical research, and further improve the ability to solve practical problems, forming an interactive system of “research-learning-industry” and obtaining a series of fruitful research achievements.

The center conducted the basic science and technology program of the Ministry of Science and Technology – “Parameter Investigation and Reference Range of Chinese Athletes’ Physical Fitness and Morphology”, and established the physique database of Chinese athletes, which will have far-reaching influence upon the research and services of competitive sports. By conducting research projects, namely the NSFC project “Research on Balanced Diet and Physical Fitness for Preventing Chronic Diseases”, “Research on the Standard of Chinese people’s Energy Consumption in Exercise” and “Research on Key Technology in Exercise and Fitness Expert Guidance System”, the center provides the scientific theory and methods for the scientific and technical personnel in the field of fitness sports and establish itself in the leading position in the field of physiological and biochemical research on fitness sports.