China Institute of Sport Science

Mass Sports Research Center (Office of National Physical Fitness Surveillance Center)

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The center conducts mass sport research in three aspects of macro theory and strategic planning, system perfection and practice, and application basis. The center put research priority on the following four areas: mass sports theory, national physical fitness surveillance and testing system, Chinese people’s participation in physical activities and causes and patterns of changes in Chinese people’s physical fitness, and theory and methodology of mass sports for scientific fitness.

The center undertakes the tasks of national physical fitness surveillance, survey on national fitness activities, guidance and popularization of scientific fitness knowledge, and etc. It has assisted General Administration of Sport of China in national physical fitness surveillance for four times and survey on national fitness activities twice, and has accomplished a series of significant research projects such as “Establishment and Implementation of Chinese National Physical Fitness Surveillance System”, “Chinese People’s Physical Fitness Database”, “National Physical Fitness Testing Standard”, “Information System for National Physical Fitness Surveillance”, “Composite Index of National Physical Fitness” and “ Study on Physical Exercising Behavior of Chinese Urban and Rural Residents”.

With the development of Chinese nationwide fitness program, the center also makes the excellent achievements in the platform construction of national fitness measurement and evaluation, and exercise and fitness theory and method research. It has undertaken the science and technology support projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology during the period of the “eleventh five-year plan” and “twelfth five-year plan”, which studied on the measurement of physical exercise and energy consumption, evaluation model and quality control in public fitness. By making use of “Internet +” idea and relying on “cloud computing” and “Internet of things” technology, the center has developed the “"exercise and fitness monitoring platform” which serves for the public fitness. It also has built “Body Composition and Function Laboratory” which is the most advanced domestically.