China Institute of Sport Science

Sports Engineering Research Center

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The center carries out the basic and applied research on sports engineering for competitive sport and mass sport. Its main work includes studying on advanced manufacturing technology in sports, system modeling and data analysis simulation of sport, application of hi-tech and new materials of sport, promoting the academic exchange of sports engineering technology and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and providing the services of sport facility inspection and scientific and technological consulting.

During the period of the “11th Five-Year Plan”, the center obtained 1 key research project from NSFC and 1 project of national sci-tech support plan. During the period of the “12th Five-Year Plan”, the center undertook 2 special projects funded for national scientific research technological development and 1 project of national sci-tech support plan, accomplished the design and development of fitness Internet of Things with the independent intellectual property right in our country, and participated in a series of major national scientific research projects like “State 863 Program”. The center developed specialized strength training equipment, strength and technology test instruments, training information acquisition and analysis system, etc. providing more technological means for national teams of table tennis, track and field, swimming, cycling, wrestling and others in their preparation for the Olympic Games and daily training. The center obtained nearly 30 national patents in total.

Along with the development of Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data technology, the center will carry out the breakthrough research around the wisdom sports, intelligent equipment development and sports facility inspection, establish the innovation platform collaborated with sport universities and enterprises, strengthen the achievements transformation, and provide technical support for the development of Chinese sport and sports industry.