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2018 International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Sports Biomechanics

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  In order to implement the “Healthy China 2030” Plan and increase the academic level of sports rehabilitation and sports biomechanics in our country, the “2018 International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Sports Biomechanics” was held on November 17 to 18, in Beijing. The conference was hosted by the Sports Biomechanics Branch of the China Sport Science Society(CSSS), and co-organized by the Beijing Office of Germany PHYSIOMED(PM). Some experts, including Prof. Yu Bing from University of North Carolin, Prof. Gu Dongyun from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Dr. Paolo Gaffurini from University of Brescia, Dr. Patrizia Mayer from University of Potsdam, and Prof. Wang Xiangdong from CISS, gave the keynote lectures in this conference. More than 100 researchers from various sports colleges, sports science institutions, medical institutions and physical training institutions attended the conference.

  In addition, two workshops were also organized to instruct the practices and applications of biomechanical methods in guidingsports rehabilitation assessment and training. The workshop of 3D motion analysis was instructed by Dr. Paolo Gaffuriniand Dr. Fabio Rossi, they took cycling as an example to collect many data by using various devices such as BTS infrared camera, and then they analyzed and explained the data. The workshop of constant velocity technology was instructed by Dr. Patrizia Mayer, he showed the movements and training of six joints by using Con-trex system and gave a detailed explanation on different parameters.This conference promoted the exchange of academic achievements in sports rehabilitation and sports biomechanics between domestic and overseas, and it will promote the combination of sports and medicine and accelerate the development of disciplines.

CISS / Li Liang