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The Training of 2020 Hong Kong Jockey Club Promote Exercise Prescription Instructor Holds in CISS

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Hosted by CISS and CSSS, supported by Hong Kong Jockey Club, the training of 2020 Hong Kong Jockey Club promote the exercise prescription instructor was held in CISS on August 29, 2020.

This training program was organized through the ways of online and offline. Nearly 60 senior exercise prescription instructors and experts from sport and medical fields attended the offline discussion and almost 200 senior exercise prescription instructors and experts participated in the online discussion across the country.

Cao Jingwei, vice director of Science and Education Department of General Administration of Sport of China, Feng Lianshi, president of CISS, vice chairman and secretary general of CSSS, Ren Jun, chief counsel of Hong Kong Jockey Club Domestic Sports Events, Zhang Xia, vice president of National Institute of Sports Medicine and vice secretary general of CSSS, Zhang Lingli, vice secretary general of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, other leaders and guests attended the opening ceremony of the training program, chaired by Zhu Li, vice president of CSSS.

In the opening ceremony, as the special guest invited by CSSS, vice director of Science and Education Department Cao Jingwei awarded accredited plaques of CSSS Exercise Prescription Instructor Training Baseto Beijing Sport University, Nanjing Sport Institute, Sichuan Provincial Orthopedics Hospital and Shandong Sport University. Following the opening ceremony, Professor Feng Lianshi from CISS lectured a theme presentation Performance, Problem and Promotion for Exercise Prescription Instructor Training, and Professor Wang Zhengzhen from Beijing Sport University addressed another theme presentation Latest Research and Application Progress in Exercise Prescription Instructor of American College of Sports Medicine.

CISS/ Sun Xun